Tulsa Real Estate Fund LLC

Atlanta , Georgia

Dear Prospective Investor:

Thank you for taking the first step in creating your Tulsa Real Estate Fund investor account. You are on your way to joining our community of over 9,500+ investors.

Tulsa Real Estate Fund (TREF) is the first 100% African American founded and managed Regulation A+ Tier 2 real estate investing crowdfund in history. Our namesake pays homage to the prominent Black Wall Street Community in Tulsa, Oklahoma that was attacked and destroyed in 1921. 

Our primary goals is to join forces with others on a mission to revitalize urban communities and to partner with investors to own shares and equity in a portfolio of real estate assets aiming to combat gentrification. 

This is #ThePeoplesFund.

If you are interested in investing as an international investor, LLC, Corporation or Trust, please email investment@tulsarealestatefund.com 


Four (4) steps to fund your TREF account:

  1. Create an investment account (minimum investment $500)
  2. Choose your investment amount 
  3. Fund your account 
  4. Monitor Your Investment via the free online portal
  • A $25.50 processing fee will be applied to your investment total each time you fund your account. This administrative fee is used to order supplemental background checks and booking fees.
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) exception triggers occur when an incorrect social security number, incorrect address or misspelled name is submitted at account initiation or due to an account update. Regulations require that all AML triggers be rectified which requires additional follow-up action and processing. An $8 fee will be charged against your investment account when this trigger occurs to offset administrative costs. 
  • We are seeking to foster a risk-free fund that is safe for all parties. Unfortunately, we will not be able to partner with you if you fail any of our AML/Know Your Customer (KYC) checks and are unable to satisfactorily rectify.
  • Approximately 60 days after your investor account is funded and cleared you will receive  a digital certificate of shares as well as a letter from Computershare, our registrar. Please follow the instructions in that communication to confirm your stock, and complete your tax certification. 

For additional questions please email info@tulsarealestatefund.com or call the TREF Investor Relations team at 1-844-73-TULSA Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.