Test Project

Tulsa Real Estate Fund IPO June 1st 2018


Investment Thesis:

Our path to delivering profitable returns to our fund managers and crowd partners is identifying real estate value add in urban communities while repairing the constituency residing there. With our grass roots approach, we will have access to the most advantageous value added opportunities. Lastly, our team has combined experience of 30+ years in urban redevelopment which gives us the final edge needed to drive superior returns to our investors.

Our Investment Thesis Points Are:

Pt 1: Untapped Value in Blighted Urban Communities
There are hundreds of thousands of houses are blighted in urban communities in the United States. These vacant properties serve as our opportunity. A few cities we’re reviewing:

Detroit: 52,947 vacant properties Baltimore: 15,938 vacant properties

Pt 2: Public/Private Partnerships
We have existing partnerships and we will continue build relationships with local mayors & councilmen and women. We will partner with cities This gives us the support of the cites that we do business with.

Pt 3: Grass Roots Movement
With our grass roots efforts and national brand, our constituency act as feeders to advantages opportunities. Plus, our constituency believes our message and will invest in projects that are well vetted.